Syllabi, Forms & Lectures

Syllabi 2019 Spring/Summer
PHED 3106 SS 2019
PHED 4106 SS 2019

Syllabi 2018-19 Fall Winter
PHED 3106 FW 2018-19
PHED 4106 FW 2018-19

PHED 3106 Spring Seminar Meeting
PHED 3106 2019 May Spring Seminar 
Placement Learning Contract Goals
Resource – Samples of Reflective Writing

CLP Forms

Placement qualifier
Insurance Release Form 
Student/Host Placement Contract
Proposed Placement Work Schedule
Evaluation Form

Host Application
Proposed Placement Work Schedule

Form7 (incident reporting)

Clinical Placements
Students who wish to complete a placement with a partner program at North Bay Regional Health Centre are well advised to prepare for specific clinical placement requirements.
Clinical Documentation Requirements for PHED Students

handbook cover

Partner Handbook

Student Handbook

Student Handbook