Fall/Winter 2022-23


Faculty Instructor:  Dr. Graydon Raymer, graydonr@nipissingu.ca
Placement Officer: Jennifer Buell, jenniferb@nipissingu.ca 
Office: AC201-A, Centre for Physical and Health Education
Office Hours: By appointment
Phone:  705-474-3450 ext. 4896              
Program Dates:  September 6th, 2022 to April 11th, 2023.   

Students benefit from two placement opportunities in the PHED program.  During the spring/summer term academic year, students are expected to explore placements that may not have been their first choice.  Some options continue to be limited due to COVID 19 restrictions, and there is value to be found in the experience of all placements.  


PHED 3106 FW 2022-23 Syllabus
PHED 4106 FW 2022-23 Syllabus


Carefully review your course outline for full Clearance Document details.
PHED 4106 must complete a Declaration of Offence  
If you require a Police Vulnerable Sector Check and a letter is requested by your jurisdiction, connect with your Placement Coordinator to obtain one via email.  
The Clearance Documents outlined are requirements set out by the BPHE program, and students may be requested to obtain other training/documents by their Placement Hosts.  Any additional clearance requirements will be communicated by and collected by the Placement Coordinator for tracking purposes. 


Students may request to be assigned to an in-person or virtual placement. In-person placements assigned by the Community Placement Officer take place within the City of North Bay, and will be accessible by city transit (bus). The experiential learning projects that students participate in during their placement are assigned by the PHED Placement Officer and will be based on several criteria including student requests and the availability of hosts. All in-person placements will follow recommended health and safety measures as outlined by the Ontario government in response to COVID 19.


Alternatively, students may self-initiate a placement. A placement arranged between students and placement host does not equal an approved placement until it has been reviewed by the Placement Officer and notification has been received to move forward.
Students who chose to self-initiate a placement must ensure that the proposed placement meets the following guidelines:


● The placement meets academic and career goals;
● The scope of the role and associated responsibilities are appropriate for the level of study;
● Placement host contact information is available;
● Placement host is an acceptable mentor, available to guide and support student throughout the duration of the 50 hour requirement;
● Placement host is not immediately related to the student;
● Placement is an unpaid position;
● The student is not employed, or has not been employed with proposed placement location;
● The student has not already completed a placement with the proposed agency or group unless there is clear evidence the opportunity will be a new/different experience and will allow the student to gain additional competencies;
● Placement demonstrates a benefit not only to the student, but to the community in fulfilling a true organizational need.


Placements can only begin once Clearance Documents, Request Forms and Agreement forms have been submitted and reviewed.  A confirmation email from the Placement Officer confirming documentation completion will be sent to the student and Placement Host.  Once that email has been sent, placement involvement can begin.  Any hours completed prior to receiving confirmation from the Placement Officer, will not count toward the 50 hour requirement.

Placements are not finalized until Request Forms are submitted to the coordinator for review and have been approved. CLICK HERE to access a Self-Initiating Guide outlining best practices.


Request Forms are required by all placement hosts to show their interest in hosting a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education student either virtually or in person for the academic year. Request Form Click Here

If an appropriate match with one of our students is made, Placement Hosts will be asked to complete the CLP Evaluation Form once the student has completed the 50 hour requirement. – Click Here


Once a placement has been approved by the Placement Coordinator, the Student and Supervising Host will be instructed to complete the CLP Agreement Form – Click Here.  This form also summarizes the main duties and responsibilities of both the student and host, and it is trusted that all expectations will be reviewed thoroughly.  


Students and Placement Hosts are responsible for ensuring 50 hours of work placement is achieved.  The Time Tracking Sheet will assist in monitoring the progress of placement and is to be submitted to the Placement Coordinator upon completion. 
Click Here


Students are encouraged to review the current placement opportunities listed and connect with the PHED Placement Office if they wish to be considered for the role. 

PHED Placement Directory Fall/Winter 2022-23