mini CAMPERS Check List

mini CAMPERS must bring the following with them for every mini CAMP:
PleaseĀ label all items.

  • Backpack including;
    • INDOOR footwear
    • Full change of clothes (in case anything gets wet)
    • Water bottle
    • Nut free lunch for PD Day mini CAMP + snacks
    • Nut free snack for Sunday mini CAMPS
    • Reusable (or plastic) shopping bag to bring home any wet items and/or mini camper creations!
  • Full outdoor gear including;
    • Hat
    • Gloves/mittens
    • Scarf or face mask
    • Snow-pants
    • Winter jacket
    • Winter boots

It is recommended that mini CAMPERS wear layers in order to participate in all activities and stay warm with the option of removing layers if they get too hot.
mini CAMPERS should wear comfortable play clothes that could potentially get ‘dirty’ by actively participating in various activities and crafting fun creations to bring home!