PHED 3106 Placement Application

All students registered in PHED 3106 are required to complete a 50 hour experiential learning project. The experiential learning projects that students participate in during their first placement will be assigned based on several criteria including student requests and the availability of hosts. All PHED 3106 placements are conducted with approved partners in the Nipissing region.

Placements are organized by sector:
Allied Health/Clinical
Physical and Health Education
Health Promotion
Sports Marketing/Sport Event Management
Fitness and Wellness
Lab and Research

The Placement Office is responsible for arranging placements and does not accept requests for specific placements that have not already been listed, i.e. a particular school, office, team, etc. Placement students must not undertake negotiations for a placement on their own behalf. Placements are not transferable; students are not permitted to ‘exchange’ placements with student colleagues.

Important: Although we make every effort to assign student candidates to their first choice of placement, it is not always possible. Often, several applicants apply to the same sector. In these situations, positions will be awarded using a lottery system.

Students are strongly encouraged to view the available placement positions prior to completing the application form. All placement PHED 3106 positions are found under the Placement Postings tab.  

Application Form for Spring/Summer PHED 3106 Placements