PHED 4106 – Placement Approval – Spring/Summer

Welcome all to PHED 4106 – Placement II – Spring/Summer Term

Community Leadership Placement (CLP) courses provide an excellent opportunity for Bachelor of Physical and Health Education students to gain valuable and relevant experience in ‘the field’ prior to graduation.

Students registered in PHED 4106 have two options for completing a placement; Students may apply for a placement from a list of local opportunities (Option 1). Students may also propose a placement with a preferred host (Option 2). Students are free to choose either option, and should make note of the relevant deadlines. Students should also consult the syllabus to ensure that all Health and Safety clearance requirements are met in a timely manner.

All upper year placement students must obtain placement approval through the BPHE Placement Office prior to beginning any placement activities. Please read the information carefully and decide which option works best for you. Placement approval dates for spring/summer semesters should be noted carefully. Further information is provided via the course syllabus listed in the Placement Documents tab. Students are strongly encouraged to read the syllabus entirely before connecting with potential placement hosts.


Option 1: Assigned Community Leadership Placement – Spring/Summer Semester

The Nipissing University BPHE program works with a limited number of local community partners with which students may request to be placed during the spring/summer semester. Students who are interested in reviewing local opportunities may connect directly with the CLP placement office to explore these opportunities. Students may be required to follow the application process unique to the desired placement opportunity, especially when clinical placements are requested. Entrance packages (see below) should be forwarded directly to the BPHE placement office.

Requests for PHED placement options, including applications must be received by the BPHE placement officer no later than MAY 18th. Keep in mind, many placement opportunities are offered early in the term, and close quickly. If a student is interested, they must be be prepared to act quickly!

Following the May deadline, requests for PHED placements will no longer be accepted however self initiated placements will be approved until the first Friday in June. Please note that some community leadership placements require a student to begin early in the fall semester and therefore these posts will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Students are required to present the following documentation:

  1. Personal letter outlining placement goals and objectives (300-500 words, double spaced)
  2. Current Resume
  3. Schedule of availability through summer months
  4. Police check (considered valid only if issued within the past calendar year)
  5. Proof of Standard First Aid/CPR Level C minimum

Option 2:Self Initiated Community Leadership Placement Spring/Summer Semester

The PHED placement office accepts student initiated placement proposals, which are subject to approval by the department. Self initiated placement proposals are accepted until the first Friday in June (JUNE 1st). Students must be able to demonstrate their proposed placement meets the following guidelines:

  • It is congruent with career goals.
  • The scope of the placement role and associated responsibilities are appropriate for the level of study.
  • Host advisor contact information is available.
  • The host advisor is not immediately related to the student.
  • The placement is an unpaid position.
  • The placement must demonstrate that the placement is designed to provide benefit not only to the student, but to the community in fulfilling a true organizational need.

In order to submit a placement proposal for approval, the following documentation must be submitted to the placement office. Please allow up to 10 business days for approval. Students will be notified by email when their placement has been approved. Students must not engage in any placement related activities until approval has been received from the PHED placement office.

a. Police check (considered valid only if issued within the past calendar year)
b. First Aid/CPR
c. Personal letter outlining placement goals and objective (300-500 words, double spaced)
d. Host Application
e. Host/Student Contract
f.  Insurance Release Form
g. Proposed placement work schedule

Students should note that their host will be contacted to verify the accuracy of the information provided to the placement office. Students will only be given approval once the host has verified the start date.