Placement Office

The PHED Community Leadership Placement Office is located in the Centre for Physical and Health Education, Robert Surtees Athletic Centre, 201A

Information for Community Partners

The benefits of Community-Based Learning are abundant. This model of learning has become prominent in Canadian education and is being researched and developed on an ongoing basis. Here are a few benefits that our partners are reporting:

Host Organization Benefit:

  • Help prioritize services and fulfil true organizational need
  • Cost effective business practice
  • Increased staff diversity
  • Partnership with University
  • Input into student teachings
  • Volunteer and/or employee recruitment
  • Streamlined processes to clarify host obligations

Societal Benefit

  • Increased quality of education and service to community members
  • Resource sharing
  • Production of responsible, engaged citizens
  • Increased preparedness of university graduates.

Does this sound interesting? Please check out our partner handbook to learn more!

For more information, contact:
Jennifer Buell – Community Leadership Placement Officer
School of Physical and Health Education, Nipissing University
100 College Drive, North Bay, ON. P1B 8L7
Phone: 705.474.3461 x 4896
Fax: 705.495.4573