It is important that you review your Course Outlines closely to ensure you are submitting all course requirements for your program complete and on time.

Both PHED 3106 and PHED 4106 are responsible to submit:

  • Time-sheets
    • Must be brought to placement, and get initialed by a site supervisor and/or someone left in charge at the end of each shift.

  • Logbooks – Professional Reflections.
    • Ask yourself, “What did I do today?” “What did I learn?” “What do I hope to learn?” “What professional competency am I developing/improving on/working toward? (time management, organization, communication, conflict resolution, leadership etc.) “Am I getting what I was expecting from this placement? If so, how? If not, what are my next steps? (Talk to site supervisor? Make appointment with Physical and Health Education Coordinator?

Logbooks and Time-sheets, along with the evaluation completed by your placement host, should be submitted within two weeks of completing your 50 hour work experience requirement.

Your final assignments can be complete at any time; however, under no circumstances will any submissions be accepted past April 3, 2020.

Click on the links below for more details on final assignments.

Portfolio Assignment PHED 3106
Job Application Preparation Assignment PHED 4106

If you have any questions about any of your requirements or submission dates, please connect with Mylae Robson, Physical and Health Education Coordinator.