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Fall/Winter Term 2022-23

IMPORTANT NOTE about Placements for all BPHE students: When you attempt to register for PHED 3106 or PHED 4106, you will see that there are 3 course sections to choose from: a Fall-Winter (FW) section, a FA (Fall) section, and a (WI) section. It is critical that you understand that all three of these courses have the exact same course dates (September 6, 2022 to April 6, 2022) and allow you to complete your 50-hour placement during the full academic year (Fall and Winter terms). The only difference between the three sections is that, by selecting the section that works best for you, you can choose which term to allocate the 3-credits into your course load. For example, if you choose the FW section, 1.5 credits is placed in the Fall term, and 1.5 credits in the Winter term. If you choose the WI section, 3 credits is placed in the Winter term only. Lastly, if you chose the FA section, the 3 credits is placed in the Fall term only. For example, many of you might consider registering the FA section, so that your PHED 3106 or PHED 4106 credits are placed in the fall, leaving you with more room in the Winter term for your PHED practicals. Again, you may wish to discuss your options with Academic Advising prior to registration.
Do I still need to apply for my Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) and complete my First-Aid/CPR training if I will be doing a “virtual” placement?
It is important that you prepare yourself for both a face-to-face and/or a virtual placement. Either way, you may be in contact with school-aged children or other vulnerable populations and are required to provide the Community Placement Officer with a current PVSC (if you have not already done so) by the applicable deadline. Details can be found in your course outlines, and will be emailed to you by your Placement Coordinator.