North Bay and District Girls Hockey Association Placement Details

Trainers – 1) All NBDGHA/OWHA teams must have a registered trainer with a minimum of HTCP Level 1 certification present at all OWHA sanctioned events; Sanctioned events include games, practices and dryland training. 2) All NBDGHA/OWHA Trainers are required to obtain their “Speak Out” certification. 3) These certifications must be available at all times if requested for verification at any OWHA sanctioned event, and certification number clearly displayed on all OWHA game sheets. 4) All NBDGHA Trainers are required to obtain a current Police Check and provide to the Association *every (3) years or as requested. No copies of Police Checks will be accepted, originals only. 5) *NBDGHA prefers and encourages that the position of Trainer be held by a female when ever possible.

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