What certification(s) do I need to complete my placement?

All students who have registered in PHED 3106 or PHED 4106 must have the following certifications on file;
Vulnerable Sector Police Check
Standard First Aid and CPR Level C
Worker Health and Safety Awareness

How do I obtain my Vulnerable Sector Police Check?

When students register in PHED 3106, a personalized police check request letter is provided. Students should bring the letter to a police detachment (municipal or OPP) to request a vulnerable sector screening. The screening can take weeks to be completed and should be a priority for any student registered in a placement course. Students must bring a copy of their vulnerable sector clearance to PHED 3106 class. Students will not be permitted to complete a placement without supplying evidence of vulnerable sector clearance. Associated costs are to be borne by the applicant.

How often do I need to renew my Vulnerable Sector Police Check?

The document is considered valid for one calendar year from the date it was issued. Students who register in PHED 4106 should check with the placement office if they are unsure of the validity of their documentation. Please note that some placement partners require the document be issued within three months of the start take of placement and no earlier.

What is CLP?

There are two required placement courses in the Bachelor of Physical and Health Education degree. These courses are referred to as Community Leadership Placements (CLP). The associated course codes are PHED 3106 and PHED 4106.

Can I secure my own placement in PHED 3106?

No, all PHED 3106 placements are assigned. The Placement Office is responsible for arranging placements and does not accept requests for specific placements outside of the pre listed sectors, i.e. a particular school, office, team, etc. Placement students must not undertake negotiations for a placement on their own behalf. Placements are not transferable; students are not permitted to ‘exchange’ placements with student colleagues.

Important: Although we make every effort to assign student candidates to their first choice of sector, it is not always possible. Often, several applicants apply to the same sector. In these situations, positions will be awarded using a lottery system.

How are PHED 3106 Placements assigned?

If a student registers for PHED 3106 during the academic year (fall/winter) the placement qualifier documents provided by students in Leadership class are reviewed in advance by the placement office. Students who did not complete placement qualifiers in Leadership class will have the opportunity to do so. The placement qualifier assignment, including the cover letter and resume supplied by each student provides context as to which placement is the best ‘fit’. Students are welcome to indicate specific placements that are of interest via their qualifier, and it is understood that not every student knows exactly what they would like to do.

Based on the goals students have described in their qualifier documents, established partners in the community are contacted. The number of placement spots with each partner/agency tends to change from year to year. If there are more students who request a specific placement (via the qualifier) than there are spots, a lottery system is used.

I didn’t complete a placement qualifier in Leadership class. Should I complete one now?

Yes, this document can be downloaded in the forms section of the CLP website. The qualifier document can be sent via email to the PHED Placement Officer. All qualifier documents should be accompanied by a cover letter and resume.

 Will my PHED 3106 placement be assigned in North Bay?

All placements assigned in PHED 3106 take place in the Nipissing region.

What type of First Aid certification(s) do I need for placement classes?

All students registered in the Bachelor of Physical and Health Education program must provide proof of current certification in CPR Level C and Standard First Aid. Training may be completed with any nationally recognized provider, such as the Red Cross, or St. John Ambulance. It is the student’s responsibility to register for training. Associated costs are to be borne by the trainee.

I registered in a fall course section of PHED 3106, will my placement take place in the fall?

Not necessarily. Many of the assigned placements in PHED 3106 span the academic year. This means, if a student were to register in the winter section of PHED 3106, the majority of their experiential learning project commitment (or placement hours) could take place in the fall or vice versa.

Are there in-class sessions in PHED 3106?

Yes, there is one fall seminar meeting and one winter seminar meeting. The PHED Placement Officer will send additional information about the timing of these meetings closer to the meeting date.