Clearance Documents

All students registered in the BPHE program must ensure they meet Health and Safety Clearance guidelines prior to beginning placement obligations. All expectations of the Health and Safety Clearance process are outlined in your Course Outlines.  Please review your syllabus carefully for all details and deadlines to avoid delays in placement involvement.


  • Police/Vulnerable Sector Checks (PVSC) must be the original copy and dated within the last 12 months upon entering PHED 3106.  If your PVSC is still on file upon entering PHED 4106 you will be required to sign an Offence Declaration form.  If it is no longer on file, due to being too outdated or other circumstances, it is the students responsibility to have it replaced prior to starting placement.
  • Some placement hosts require a PVSC dated within the last 6 months.  Students in these situations will be required to update their PVSC.
  • Some businesses/organizations may require additional screening/testing (e.g., select placements taking place in allied health/clinical settings).  Typically, students matched in these locations will receive details for these additional requests directly from Mylae Robson, Physical and Health Education Coordinator; however, should a student receive requests directly from their placement host, it is their responsibility to communicate this information to Ms. Robson to ensure all placement requirements are filed and managed accordingly.

**All costs for extra training, PVSC screenings etc. are absorbed by the student.**