Placement Host FAQ

*Please contact Jennifer Buell directly with any questions you may have –

What to do in case of an accident?

It is the responsibility of the host organization to respond to any accidents appropriately by providing necessary first aid or seeking medical attention.  The Placement Employer will report non critical injuries to Nipissing University’s PHED Placement Officer within three business days and will immediately report critical injuries as per the CLP Agreement:

Am I able to hire a student?

Students are unable to accept compensation (wage/salary/bursary) for their work on placement hours and doing so voids hours completed.  The benefit of completing the placement is firmly rooted in the educational and training value earned.  You may hire a student upon completion of the placement; however, the placement must be considered complete by all parties.  Students may not be compensated for their placement hours and must be treated as regular employers employees for any subsequent work hours including covering any liability.

What if I’ve had the initial meeting and do not feel we are good match?

After the initial meeting, if you feel that your organization and the student are not a good match, you must contact the Physical and Health Education Placement Officer immediately.  This will allow the student a maximum amount of time to find/be matched with another placement and time for a more suitable student to be matched with you.

How will I be expected to evaluate the efforts of my student?

Students are evaluated across 5 general areas; 1) Attitude and Initiative, 2) Performance, 3) Synthesis of Knowledge and Skills, 4) Communication Skills, and 5) Relations to Others.  The student you are supporting will be prompted to request a formal evaluation from you. The Evaluation Form will be sent to you directly, and must be complete when the student achieves 50 hours of work placement and no later than the end of the term.

Can students use their vehicle on placement?

Students should not be requested to use their own vehicles or any other vehicles (including company vehicles as a driver or passenger) for any reason while on placement.

What if there is a work stoppage (strike/lockouts by host or university)? 

In the event of work stoppage (e.g., strikes, lockouts) the agreement to supervise must be suspended until the dispute is resolved.  This is true of stoppages originating from the university staff or the community partners staff.  Students are unable to work towards completing placement hours during this time.