Work Placement Evaluation

Ongoing constructive feedback is critical for the professional growth of the student.  Site supervisors are encouraged to meet with their student on a regular basis, preferably daily, to provide feedback.  It is the responsibility of the student to be available for these meetings.  Once the student has completed their required 50 hours of placement, site supervisors must complete the CLP Evaluation Form – CLICK HERE.

The following explains the 4 levels of the rating scale and the expectations for each rating.

  • Exemplary (90% – 100%) – Student exhibits superior ability of this skill consistently
  • Proficient (80% – 89%) – Student exhibits excellent ability of this skill repeatedly
  • Adequate (70% – 79%) – Student exhibits capability of this skill regularly
  • Ineffective (<70%) – Student does not exhibit capability of this skill consistently

Please note that the percentages used in the scale are to help supervisors equate levels.  They do not represent any grade given to the student (recall the placement is a satisfactory/fail course).